Hello Neighbor!

We are excited to welcome you to the family! Neil, the owner of Eagle Trash Services, Inc. is retiring, and On-Site, Inc. will be picking up your trash.  You probably know us by Air Capital Waste or Waste Link.  In fact, if you are in Wichita, we probably pick up your neighbors already!  On-Site, Inc is owned by Mark and April Raccuglia. April and I have a 25-year history in the trash hauling business including starting our first company from scratch to being a partner in a Denver trash company. In the fall of 2019, to get back to our roots and stay closer to home, (home is in the country between Derby and Rose Hill) we acquired Air Capital Waste and Waste Link.  April and I are excited for the opportunity to continue serving Neil’s customers and to make you a part of our family.

As we move forward, April and I are committed to providing timely communication about any changes that could affect your service. We will be sending out information via mail and email as necessary. However, to get you this information as quickly as possible, we will also be posting reminders and additional details on our social media channels. If you haven’t already, please follow us on FaceBook @AirCapitalWaste

Thank you for this opportunity to earn your business and your trust! We are excited to be serving you, serving our community, and we look forward to working with you for years to come!

Mark and April Raccuglia


  • Please have carts at curb by 6am within 2’ of curb and at least 2’ from any other object (including overhanging objects)
  • Have the opening of the cart lid facing the street
  • No bungee straps or tie downs on the cart lid
  • Extra bag policy: 95Gal may have 10 extra bags weekly

65Gal and carryoute service – no bags outside cart

  • Not responsible for personal carts or containers
  • If payment is not received before the 10th, a $5 late fee is assessed
  • If account balance not paid by the 15th, service is suspended and cart will be removed
  • All accounts cancelled or closed will be assessed a $20 disconnection fee
  • Pay on-line or submit requests via the web portal wastelinkinc.com Account number and invoice number needed for initial account set up
  • All bags or personal containers must weigh less than 35 pounds

*************************ATTENTION AUTO-PAY CUSTOMERS************************

For security reasons, we are not able to transfer your autopay information.  You will need to re-establish your account information with us at www.wastelinkinc.com using your invoice number and account number from our company.  Customers with invoices due 8/1/2021 will have their payment processed as normal for this invoice only.

Air Capital Waste also bills on light blue postcards similar to what Eagle has used.  Invoices are sent about three weeks before your due date.

We do not send a 2nd request invoice.

Please contact our office to arrange pickup of bulky items. 316.831.7767 or request a quote via e-mail at info@wastelinkinc.com

We will gladly provide service for any amounts you’ve remitted to Eagle.  However, we cannot offer refunds of those amounts.

There will be a few changes over the next few weeks as we merge the business operations together. We are working diligently to make sure these changes are as simple as possible for you. There are three specific changes that may affect your service.

  1. If you are in Wichita or Sedgwick Co your pick-up day will change starting the week of Aug 1. This will prevent us from running multiple trucks down the same street. Your new pick-up day will be indicated on the attached flyer.


  1. Auto pay customer payments will be processed as normal for customers paying on Aug 1st. To use auto-pay after August 1st, all customers wishing to use autopay will need to re-establish auto pay in our system. You will need your account number and an invoice number from the next bill you receive from us. After you receive this information, you can go online at www.AirCapitalWaste.com to reestablish auto pay. If you experience issues with this process, please contact our office at info@wastelinkinc.com or call us and we’ll be glad to help. We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your help with this transition.


  1. Our pick-up rules are very similar to Eagle Trash, with a few exceptions. 1. We do NOT tip over carts after they are dumped. Please check to see if cart is empty before calling about a missed pickup. 2. We do NOT use the old short style carts in Wichita.  We will be working to replace those with new style carts ASAP. 3. Large bulky items are difficult for us to take in an automated truck. Please call ahead so we can have the appropriate truck scheduled to pick up at your location. Please review the attached list of guidelines.